Saturday, August 8, 2009

yeas to come

The sun with your ever-glowing body
Can you see all what I can see
The moon so dark and far
Can u see the sparkles from the stars?

You grow wild and wild spitting fires
Cannot reach the gentle sheet of green
Dark you grow sharing the soft light
Can only glow when a help given.

The deep you go the wild u become
All awaits for the light you shed.
The thin you become the light you reflects
The blue spread all changes as you do.

The radiance, glory, and warmth you show
You be the center of everything I know
The reflection, he gives and you grin
You not the center, living in clan

I sat here looking up to you forever
Through the clouds you look as life
I dream of love that resembles you
Seen with the more romantic of stars.

All the energy you have is for us
things you have given are perceived
All the glitter you possess are for us
That’s for sure, for the years to come.

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