Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Shadow

Walked towards the sea and looked
as far as I could into the horizon
I can see the fiery ball far away
the amber light the glitter in the sea
The change of ambiance as
the wind pushed the clouds past the blue sky
As I stood still and straight with
a deep hollowness in my eyes
The dark blanket of night came
to remind that its dusk not dawn
All the dreams in my eyes
blown away by the wind of shadow
My faith that lifted my dreams with
the kindness of a glorious past
The feelings buried, the regret,
the pain, the anguish and the hate
All covered by the soft silky smile
which came to stay from nowhere
Covered up myself with
The shell of my dreams and fragrance of my love
the love to be shared
I can see the brightness in my eyes .

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