Friday, July 10, 2009


They are bound to make the difference
Their voice deep, strident and well perceived
They make the massive foundation of mankind
The rules are made with their bursting decisions
The empty spaces are all with them and their virtues
Filled with virtual particles created and found by them.
They create the magnetic field, which form the center
And would rotate with the spiraling matter it attracts.
It wipes the furrows on this uneven earth with warmth
God bid him to speak for, till the dust he would be
The universe was made emancipation his soul to another
That life sustains itself from within to change a belief
It takes a warm-hearted man, to move the multitude.
He learned, through doubt and fear, and matured
Shared the state of forgiveness in his hands
Lived we sometimes to be seen and heard and touched.
Where are we in between, as well said and thought
Our life is what happens as they move making other plans.

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