Saturday, February 7, 2015

the ration card dilemma

These days all the elder women in every household is discussing about one thing , renew your ration card, I am the card holder, the eldest female member of the house, bravo , more power to women. 

As always dizzy mom is quiet about his , are you asking why, its obvious na her older daughter is older to her as per the records. forgot the math 6+18+18 as she is with her younger Daughter these days. so joff uncle got confused is his daughter older or his wife. ooh such a confusion in life, kash i would have attended the school my wife went, aaj yeah din to dekhna padtha. 

what to do now run to the church to find out the real problem or light a candle to solve the whole issue and offer bribe , if i get the card renewed i will offer half of what the pds provide, so what does they provide. here it is .

Ration articles issued through Ration Shops in  January- 2015   : 

 APL Cardholder - 9Kg Rice  @  Rs 8.90/- and 1Kg Wheat @ Rs 6.70/- ,    

APL Subsidy Cardholder : 9Kg  Rice @Rs.2/- and 1Kg Wheat  @ Rs 6.70/-  ,

Both Subsidy and Nonsubsidy APL Cardholder  will get 2Kg  of Atta @ Rs 15/-.  

 BPL Cardholder:   25Kg of Rice @ Rs. 1/- and 5Kg Wheat @ Rs.2/-,   

AAY Cardholder : 35Kg of Rice @ Rs. 1/-.   

Both BPL  and  AAY Cardholder  get sugar @ Rs 13.50/- per Kg ( 400 g for each member ).    

ANNAPOORNA Cardholder :10 Kg of Rice at free of cost .   Kerosene :  4 Litre  Kerosene to Non Electrified household and  1 Litre  Kerosene to Electrified household @ Rs 18/ 17

ooh what is apl bpl , i rem my neighbour had one TV names BPL, would ask them or what. no you should not tell them , until the date is over we should not give a clue that the ration card renewal is in progress, it would be fun if they don't get it on time. 

in case will anybody come to know what category they are in. of course nothing there is less than a crore so its obvious in above poverty line.  let me tell you even they are mentioning every thing in crores they don't know what a Income tax is ,  voh kaya hondi. 

yeah i had to tell you that joff uncle is always green to save on electricity he boils water from the debris and litter in his compound, how innovative. truly too much it take so much time and effort but the whole process you would fell effortless as the tenant lady will give company to him all the time. you know after all humans are social animals, studied in school right?

so which category will dizzy mom be, how to solve this dilemma. oh this is serious than infinity theorem.  

the egg came first or chicken, who is older the daughter or her mother.  ok let solve the problem , all you need to give pure and genuine information to the government , its our duty.

only proof of dizziy moms age is her election id card in which she is 44 years old. but that does not have a date of birth.  

election card issued on 2000 , so 44 + 15 is 59. bravo got an answer. hey hey wait give proof.

the officer asked is there any aadhar card, yes sir, so check the dob in that, it says 43. 
obviously she was with her younger daughter that time 6+18+18 , simple math. 

ok do you have any other proof of identification, my elder daughter have a driving licence , you know she drives from age of 16. k now again calculate age. you know na how to , so just do it.

got one solid proof , joff uncle was born in a leap year, so what age is he now , 61 just 2 years older to me. so that means he is in 1954 but its not a leap year. 

oh my God what all to solve for 2 kg of atta. is it worth it. will dizzy mom prove that she is the elder one in the house, will she able to solve the officers dilemma?? wait and see. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Some economic lessons from the other side

I am no MBA student or otherwise , but i am an economics student all my life, its from the day I knew Manmohan singh much into economics that i can totally relate to the 'ananya" of two states how should you represent each and every curve in a mathematical model. who does not know about the demand supply curve. when demand increases its have a direct effect on supply. well well I studied all those long before, its time to apply all those laws.
Its about my neighbour Mrs dizzy mummy as I her grand kids call her and Joff uncle and i like to call him. the only thing that is less in their life is age and the waist line every other ting is said in the multiples of 1000 and in crores, when i started knowing her in my early teens its was in 100 and lakhs , now due to lot of market variations its now in crores. I dont know its simple or complicated that you have to decide. she has two daughters with an age gap of 10 years, both married and never get to see them together. when dizzy mom is roaming around wit the elder daughter the math of her age goes like this
18+18+18 as the age of the grand kid is 18 as of now. age you do the addition. and when she is with the younger girl the age is calculated as 6+18+18. as her daughter is 6 yeas of age. now tell simple na .

she is marvelled of her astonishment to our curiosity. don't make your face now as you don't know the basis of math, math is the most abstract of sciences. why you all a zero a zero or why you believe that one plus one is two. if you believe and teach and punish your kids if they get it wrong then think again. y are you following this , because its abstract its said so , it is so , ans will be so, and you follow as such. then why complain about the theory of dizzy mom. you can start afresh like her math too, dynamic math subjected to present variables.

oh god what i wanted to say is the study of market investment with her. every body says that wealth creation is so totally different from money creation.  long term investment and short term goals. now got it right?
 she believe in long term and short term and mid cap, and high on spot trading. she invite us for the Easter lunch expecting the return from onam sadya. she did try her luck a few years then she thought its not a viable investment, as for Easter she has to serve fish and mutton and chicken, and in return she gets aviyal and sambar, payasam is no perk as she is diabetic. did some spot exchange with plates on which ipo is there. like she plates the fish fry , fish could be big or small. if the neighbours are seated against the big fish she has to trade the plate with the blood relative on board. see long term investment, even though she know that i would be flushed out the next morning.

the most valuable commodity that she trades is the jack fruit. why because she knows the neighbour has two mango trees , its a mid term investment and a bit risky one. but she does it as sometimes there is huge returns. this year too she invested one small jack fruit. but not only her investment sink she has to trade her mangoes or should say one mango. and some free advise to pluck our mangoes before time as joff uncle would be going to meet his daughter this Feb.

markets are subject to risk and that too unexpected ones, as dizzy mom pour water to boil her coconut water to boil and forgot about it. the neighbours say fumes coming from her kitchen and informed her about it. she ran to put of f the fire and returned with 200 grms of jack fruit fry. for us its an unexpected return, for her a lesson for long term investment on valuable relations.

moral of the story, do invest in shares that have a regular return, for wealth creation go for long term investments, don't do spot trading its makes a dabba on valuable shares. daag hamesha acha nahim hota.

invest , do invest in long term as its return is high on everything in life.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

the great Indian traditions

Its been in the back of my mind , to speak out or not to. most of the time i keep quiet. sound good na , but not all true.
I mean what shall i talk about if no one is willing to listen to me, or am i talking all bull shit. its nice to take the stand of your own but think is it ever possible to break free, one or the other strings will catch you.

you don't believe how much my mom has paid to listen to the astrologers, ever time they would say sure this Aug or next Nov , she will be so happy God knows for what. at least ask the person who she is dong this for. but no never . hope is one tag that attached to every Indian , even watching a cricket match every indin has the hope till the last ball that India is going to make it , does not matter what the scores are I mean 100 from 6 balls too the hope will be there.

I have no clue what the trick of Aug and Nov for Indian weddings, how many of them tie the knot these two months. have to think that the golden time foe pundits and astrologers. worse would be to travel to Goa or kovalam after these months. Can you imagine the whole of north Indian couples would be flocking holding hands sticking , clinching and all sort of gestures. easy to identify as there would be chooda wearing hands.
honeymoon packages and Goa so in in India. what a season. seen bathing in the sun wearing salwar kammes and chooda all the time, thanks na not wearing bikini and chooda. what a sight it would have been.

guys would be embarrassed no na? proud would be as that how traditional is his wife. and if its kovalam the would move away from salwar and go with the tight fitting tunic and chooda. its a odd sight but every Indian mom in law would be proud .

and for mallu couples , going for a honeymoon to Goa , the man would think why on earth did i choose this place for honeymoon , how can i impress my new wife by not drinking, even though his eye balls would pop out in each and every corner of Goa. will be holding hands with the new found energy by surely planning for next visit to goa with friends so that he could get some relief from the bar deal of kerala. poor guys.

some times its confusing what the tradition is , to have a taste of fenny or to be with the wife.  holding hands just like the dona paula statue.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

                       My first time experience on writing  started way back, when parents decided that the I need to do my vidya aarambham. That was sitting on the lap of some priest at The Guruvayoor temple from then what all I learned and unlearned my brain only knows. Kash if I was capable of retrieving anything and everything that went inside. Well well that’s not what I am up to today. It’s the keyboard that I laid my hands on in fact fingers on.

There was a time when girls used to learn typewriting after college, well I never had to do it, but had a second hand knowledge about the QWERTY keys from my mom’s elder sister who used to work as a typist, she wanted her girls to learn but in fact I got it from her.

The first lesson on asdf;lkj……………….. does it make any sense, but at that point of time it was sort of techno so as usual did not question. Now after seeing all kinds of keys , I do ask how awkward is it and people never complained, strange right. Does the QWERTY effect actually seed up ones typing, no idea. There was actually one more keyboard the AOEUIDHTNS one , never got to see that one yet, but the qwerty was the winner , still running and way to go. of all the awkwardness and confusion is that we learned the rhythm of this key board , and after all good ones type fast slow ones well what to say will always be the same. 

Ok now for my part , I didn’t get to lay hands on while learning but somehow me too got the hang of asdf..
Some time back Dad got one typewriter for his office jobs, no price for guessing who was working on it. Wonder how many sheets of paper I wasted and no one complained. As usual I was not successful in that but what I loved about it was the font, somehow I found it fancy and more than words I started to create images from it. And believe it or not I did do one of my first ever design job as I designed a gate with the font. Hope somebody still going in and out of it, without knowing all these.

Back to QWERTY, I used to describe it as asdf keys board while I was young. After the college days I actually started using the computer that I never had to use the pen and pencil anymore, still does not know if it was a good thing or bad. One fine day I was sitting for my design classes the teacher came up and handed over a pencil and paper, what did he asked , to write about the firsthand knowledge on design Vs art, he was so arrogant that was my impression about him, and to add more to it  he handed the paper back to me without reading.  Guess what next one week I was literally writing in between two lines.

I was not good with pen or pencil and not to say even with this key board. Can I be able to type without mistake, hope not? I did not find the keys but thankfully the keys found me. So that’s how I type. Very rarely do it look at the key board but If you ask me do I know all the keys , I don’t know. But the hands has got to the rhyme of the keys that’s how it works I think.

Even with all the tech what I still never does is to type in my language, what’s the reason for it, I still have to find one. Thanks to google translate and input tools I have still some connect with mother tongue. In fact I myself doubt which one is my language, obviously as far as I don’t respect to any language how can I master one, as I have only one that’s my silence. Hope someday someone will be able to read that, as for now I am using my key board to express myself. Is it enough??

I been using face book from 2007 and it keep on asking what’s on your mind? Will any body ever able to tell the truth, most of the time it’s what I want in my mind, so not so obvious reasons. One thing I found using the keyboard to expression than speaking is that , it gives more time for you to think before you type. If I want to say all rubbish then that’s what I type, feel good……………….

I was quite interested in graphology, it directly takes you to ones thought while writing, but with keyboard how will I ? define people with the font they choose , the size , the cases how on earth can I do so, how to check the pressure of writing, ask the key board………..

What will the keys have to say, well I am sure it hold lots of secrets, especially the passwords………………. The finger prints, what all…………………

The dots and the question mark, the plus and the equals, the shift and the alts its where the home and the door to  enter and to end. More important it gives the back space and the space and the option to select and delete. Escape option that only you give my key board. Here I am @ and in brackets, hope not to pause………………….have some space in between.

when moved to touch it became the KALQ hope to have some time with him too. After all touch is to impress and push is to depress.

Kabhi to voh much se keh rehe honge………
Kabhi to pooch bhi hogi……………..
Kabhi meri kuch to izzat kijiye
Hum ne aap ke liye kya kuch na lika
Kabhi aap hum ko kabhi aap screen ko  dekha kijiye
Hum saath saath hai par aap ki nazar hamesha un par kyom
Kabhi to hamare liye bhi dua kijiye
Kabhi aap hum ko pyar se dabaya kijiye
Kabhi aap hamara bhi kahani bayan kijiye
Kabhi to meri izzat rekha kijiye……………


Saturday, July 23, 2011


these days its raining and i am sick and watching loads of ekta. is it a good thing or bad thing but I am just feeling fine. kind of found my routine back on track. business economy environment politics and a bit of emotion, perfect combination for this rainy season. so far I feel great. system under control.
but one thing I am loosing or opting out of my life, that is people I know. I kind of feeling that I dosent know anybody or am I just giving it a bit of space to grow. no gossip no pollution just calm and at peace and i am loving it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our part

The bygone days we cherish and relish
Fights for the unseen unknown till we perish.
All well written and said long before
We just be in there for the part to play.