Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our part

The bygone days we cherish and relish
Fights for the unseen unknown till we perish.
All well written and said long before
We just be in there for the part to play.

Touch of youth

The touch of youth is soft and subtle
It’s also have the shade of impiety and rudeness
Both the tones show fear and apprehension
That makes the mistaken part on its own

Love of the mother and yearn for the lover
One set to grow in the arms of the beloved
Most of it are unseen and forgotten often
The transit through it is painful and dreaded

Looks at all the newly lit lamp and oil it
As though you are the one who is desperate
Many a look I had in all but you
Now I use all the might to adore you

The touch of youth had it all in its part
Without which we never share the good
All be in my state I shall declare
I see all of that will be there again

We know it all

A worthy while that was before us
The golden light of five yet to come
Time stood tall, hailed as we passed
Silent the flowers flared with sunlight.

Trusted and hoped, no sings of decay
Those charming moments that cherish
The sound of pantheon church bells
Made a note to pause and leap back.

Share the joy of love and odium
Long before shades of gray lost
Yellow and yellow blossoms on
The pure heart that grieves for more

Shallow the thoughts that cherished
With all those who grew up together
Not seen, touched and heard for long
The memories were to be put together.


who has life peruse the past and future
strive for the fortunes of life so great
looks for the better half so better to be
all the shine be in his part not to part
wish and exert for all the he dreams
tries and tries with no fear of defeat
sees though the hour glass that pours
old he becomes the more he yearns
be the genius he becomes and matures
all the past he lost in the time lost
he who creates the one to follow him
of all the wealth he possess of gold
that time takes it all in its grasp.


The smile and warmth that spreads on you
The soft and tender hands that holds you
The way your needs are being fulfilled
The shoulder that you rests your head
The loving gestures you longed for
All well lived as you liked and wished
Now find it difficult to try and reach
All left , memories wet and smudged
I portrayed you as a familiar stranger
Life has gone too restive that I lost you.

Rest in peace

Never that be my own, all have to have theirs too
Of all the fears in this silly world it never subsides
All dreams of the wonders that comes in a lifetime
Dreams but one that all have to confide and live forever
The memory of the one who was there and left
Immortal are the only things that you live on
The mountains the river that greens and the sea
The rains the sun and moon and earthy bonds
Where you will be is there in the heart of your love
In there your love look fresh as the morning dew
Staying still in the heaven of hearts your warmth
Be it the moment that love to cherish after you die
Never to be felt and seen, but to remain still in gratitude
You live forever and ever not on earth but in its crust.
The beauty of life you sow will grow in the family
Resting place is in there not in the tomb made for you.

My Shadow

Walked towards the sea and looked
as far as I could into the horizon
I can see the fiery ball far away
the amber light the glitter in the sea
The change of ambiance as
the wind pushed the clouds past the blue sky
As I stood still and straight with
a deep hollowness in my eyes
The dark blanket of night came
to remind that its dusk not dawn
All the dreams in my eyes
blown away by the wind of shadow
My faith that lifted my dreams with
the kindness of a glorious past
The feelings buried, the regret,
the pain, the anguish and the hate
All covered by the soft silky smile
which came to stay from nowhere
Covered up myself with
The shell of my dreams and fragrance of my love
the love to be shared
I can see the brightness in my eyes .


I looked at everything, searched for the words
A little something I can hold of to express myself
My eyes were shut I was in my mind lost
Gone all the things I possessed, but never left
All those things we shared, those moments
Past present and was in my eyes dark and empty
Well set to conquer the dream of my life alone
Lost all those things I wandered to gather
It was a split second I tried to open it all
Deep down the lanes I shut myself in
All I tried not to be heard, all to be lonely
Curious, inside the walls trembled wildly
I felt the vibes, and I found myself in sleep
Deep gone my thoughts, and back to cage
Aspired I would have completed my pursuit.

yeas to come

The sun with your ever-glowing body
Can you see all what I can see
The moon so dark and far
Can u see the sparkles from the stars?

You grow wild and wild spitting fires
Cannot reach the gentle sheet of green
Dark you grow sharing the soft light
Can only glow when a help given.

The deep you go the wild u become
All awaits for the light you shed.
The thin you become the light you reflects
The blue spread all changes as you do.

The radiance, glory, and warmth you show
You be the center of everything I know
The reflection, he gives and you grin
You not the center, living in clan

I sat here looking up to you forever
Through the clouds you look as life
I dream of love that resembles you
Seen with the more romantic of stars.

All the energy you have is for us
things you have given are perceived
All the glitter you possess are for us
That’s for sure, for the years to come.