Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rest in peace

Never that be my own, all have to have theirs too
Of all the fears in this silly world it never subsides
All dreams of the wonders that comes in a lifetime
Dreams but one that all have to confide and live forever
The memory of the one who was there and left
Immortal are the only things that you live on
The mountains the river that greens and the sea
The rains the sun and moon and earthy bonds
Where you will be is there in the heart of your love
In there your love look fresh as the morning dew
Staying still in the heaven of hearts your warmth
Be it the moment that love to cherish after you die
Never to be felt and seen, but to remain still in gratitude
You live forever and ever not on earth but in its crust.
The beauty of life you sow will grow in the family
Resting place is in there not in the tomb made for you.

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