Saturday, January 31, 2015

the great Indian traditions

Its been in the back of my mind , to speak out or not to. most of the time i keep quiet. sound good na , but not all true.
I mean what shall i talk about if no one is willing to listen to me, or am i talking all bull shit. its nice to take the stand of your own but think is it ever possible to break free, one or the other strings will catch you.

you don't believe how much my mom has paid to listen to the astrologers, ever time they would say sure this Aug or next Nov , she will be so happy God knows for what. at least ask the person who she is dong this for. but no never . hope is one tag that attached to every Indian , even watching a cricket match every indin has the hope till the last ball that India is going to make it , does not matter what the scores are I mean 100 from 6 balls too the hope will be there.

I have no clue what the trick of Aug and Nov for Indian weddings, how many of them tie the knot these two months. have to think that the golden time foe pundits and astrologers. worse would be to travel to Goa or kovalam after these months. Can you imagine the whole of north Indian couples would be flocking holding hands sticking , clinching and all sort of gestures. easy to identify as there would be chooda wearing hands.
honeymoon packages and Goa so in in India. what a season. seen bathing in the sun wearing salwar kammes and chooda all the time, thanks na not wearing bikini and chooda. what a sight it would have been.

guys would be embarrassed no na? proud would be as that how traditional is his wife. and if its kovalam the would move away from salwar and go with the tight fitting tunic and chooda. its a odd sight but every Indian mom in law would be proud .

and for mallu couples , going for a honeymoon to Goa , the man would think why on earth did i choose this place for honeymoon , how can i impress my new wife by not drinking, even though his eye balls would pop out in each and every corner of Goa. will be holding hands with the new found energy by surely planning for next visit to goa with friends so that he could get some relief from the bar deal of kerala. poor guys.

some times its confusing what the tradition is , to have a taste of fenny or to be with the wife.  holding hands just like the dona paula statue.

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