Saturday, February 7, 2015

the ration card dilemma

These days all the elder women in every household is discussing about one thing , renew your ration card, I am the card holder, the eldest female member of the house, bravo , more power to women. 

As always dizzy mom is quiet about his , are you asking why, its obvious na her older daughter is older to her as per the records. forgot the math 6+18+18 as she is with her younger Daughter these days. so joff uncle got confused is his daughter older or his wife. ooh such a confusion in life, kash i would have attended the school my wife went, aaj yeah din to dekhna padtha. 

what to do now run to the church to find out the real problem or light a candle to solve the whole issue and offer bribe , if i get the card renewed i will offer half of what the pds provide, so what does they provide. here it is .

Ration articles issued through Ration Shops in  January- 2015   : 

 APL Cardholder - 9Kg Rice  @  Rs 8.90/- and 1Kg Wheat @ Rs 6.70/- ,    

APL Subsidy Cardholder : 9Kg  Rice @Rs.2/- and 1Kg Wheat  @ Rs 6.70/-  ,

Both Subsidy and Nonsubsidy APL Cardholder  will get 2Kg  of Atta @ Rs 15/-.  

 BPL Cardholder:   25Kg of Rice @ Rs. 1/- and 5Kg Wheat @ Rs.2/-,   

AAY Cardholder : 35Kg of Rice @ Rs. 1/-.   

Both BPL  and  AAY Cardholder  get sugar @ Rs 13.50/- per Kg ( 400 g for each member ).    

ANNAPOORNA Cardholder :10 Kg of Rice at free of cost .   Kerosene :  4 Litre  Kerosene to Non Electrified household and  1 Litre  Kerosene to Electrified household @ Rs 18/ 17

ooh what is apl bpl , i rem my neighbour had one TV names BPL, would ask them or what. no you should not tell them , until the date is over we should not give a clue that the ration card renewal is in progress, it would be fun if they don't get it on time. 

in case will anybody come to know what category they are in. of course nothing there is less than a crore so its obvious in above poverty line.  let me tell you even they are mentioning every thing in crores they don't know what a Income tax is ,  voh kaya hondi. 

yeah i had to tell you that joff uncle is always green to save on electricity he boils water from the debris and litter in his compound, how innovative. truly too much it take so much time and effort but the whole process you would fell effortless as the tenant lady will give company to him all the time. you know after all humans are social animals, studied in school right?

so which category will dizzy mom be, how to solve this dilemma. oh this is serious than infinity theorem.  

the egg came first or chicken, who is older the daughter or her mother.  ok let solve the problem , all you need to give pure and genuine information to the government , its our duty.

only proof of dizziy moms age is her election id card in which she is 44 years old. but that does not have a date of birth.  

election card issued on 2000 , so 44 + 15 is 59. bravo got an answer. hey hey wait give proof.

the officer asked is there any aadhar card, yes sir, so check the dob in that, it says 43. 
obviously she was with her younger daughter that time 6+18+18 , simple math. 

ok do you have any other proof of identification, my elder daughter have a driving licence , you know she drives from age of 16. k now again calculate age. you know na how to , so just do it.

got one solid proof , joff uncle was born in a leap year, so what age is he now , 61 just 2 years older to me. so that means he is in 1954 but its not a leap year. 

oh my God what all to solve for 2 kg of atta. is it worth it. will dizzy mom prove that she is the elder one in the house, will she able to solve the officers dilemma?? wait and see. 

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