Tuesday, August 13, 2013

                       My first time experience on writing  started way back, when parents decided that the I need to do my vidya aarambham. That was sitting on the lap of some priest at The Guruvayoor temple from then what all I learned and unlearned my brain only knows. Kash if I was capable of retrieving anything and everything that went inside. Well well that’s not what I am up to today. It’s the keyboard that I laid my hands on in fact fingers on.

There was a time when girls used to learn typewriting after college, well I never had to do it, but had a second hand knowledge about the QWERTY keys from my mom’s elder sister who used to work as a typist, she wanted her girls to learn but in fact I got it from her.

The first lesson on asdf;lkj……………….. does it make any sense, but at that point of time it was sort of techno so as usual did not question. Now after seeing all kinds of keys , I do ask how awkward is it and people never complained, strange right. Does the QWERTY effect actually seed up ones typing, no idea. There was actually one more keyboard the AOEUIDHTNS one , never got to see that one yet, but the qwerty was the winner , still running and way to go. of all the awkwardness and confusion is that we learned the rhythm of this key board , and after all good ones type fast slow ones well what to say will always be the same. 

Ok now for my part , I didn’t get to lay hands on while learning but somehow me too got the hang of asdf..
Some time back Dad got one typewriter for his office jobs, no price for guessing who was working on it. Wonder how many sheets of paper I wasted and no one complained. As usual I was not successful in that but what I loved about it was the font, somehow I found it fancy and more than words I started to create images from it. And believe it or not I did do one of my first ever design job as I designed a gate with the font. Hope somebody still going in and out of it, without knowing all these.

Back to QWERTY, I used to describe it as asdf keys board while I was young. After the college days I actually started using the computer that I never had to use the pen and pencil anymore, still does not know if it was a good thing or bad. One fine day I was sitting for my design classes the teacher came up and handed over a pencil and paper, what did he asked , to write about the firsthand knowledge on design Vs art, he was so arrogant that was my impression about him, and to add more to it  he handed the paper back to me without reading.  Guess what next one week I was literally writing in between two lines.

I was not good with pen or pencil and not to say even with this key board. Can I be able to type without mistake, hope not? I did not find the keys but thankfully the keys found me. So that’s how I type. Very rarely do it look at the key board but If you ask me do I know all the keys , I don’t know. But the hands has got to the rhyme of the keys that’s how it works I think.

Even with all the tech what I still never does is to type in my language, what’s the reason for it, I still have to find one. Thanks to google translate and input tools I have still some connect with mother tongue. In fact I myself doubt which one is my language, obviously as far as I don’t respect to any language how can I master one, as I have only one that’s my silence. Hope someday someone will be able to read that, as for now I am using my key board to express myself. Is it enough??

I been using face book from 2007 and it keep on asking what’s on your mind? Will any body ever able to tell the truth, most of the time it’s what I want in my mind, so not so obvious reasons. One thing I found using the keyboard to expression than speaking is that , it gives more time for you to think before you type. If I want to say all rubbish then that’s what I type, feel good……………….

I was quite interested in graphology, it directly takes you to ones thought while writing, but with keyboard how will I ? define people with the font they choose , the size , the cases how on earth can I do so, how to check the pressure of writing, ask the key board………..

What will the keys have to say, well I am sure it hold lots of secrets, especially the passwords………………. The finger prints, what all…………………

The dots and the question mark, the plus and the equals, the shift and the alts its where the home and the door to  enter and to end. More important it gives the back space and the space and the option to select and delete. Escape option that only you give my key board. Here I am @ and in brackets, hope not to pause………………….have some space in between.

when moved to touch it became the KALQ hope to have some time with him too. After all touch is to impress and push is to depress.

Kabhi to voh much se keh rehe honge………
Kabhi to pooch bhi hogi……………..
Kabhi meri kuch to izzat kijiye
Hum ne aap ke liye kya kuch na lika
Kabhi aap hum ko kabhi aap screen ko  dekha kijiye
Hum saath saath hai par aap ki nazar hamesha un par kyom
Kabhi to hamare liye bhi dua kijiye
Kabhi aap hum ko pyar se dabaya kijiye
Kabhi aap hamara bhi kahani bayan kijiye
Kabhi to meri izzat rekha kijiye……………


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