Tuesday, February 10, 2009

for the interest of the environs

I was very proud myself as I believed that I doesn’t contribute much to the environment until one fine day I decided to calculate my carbon emissions. The result proved me completely wrong. I emit more carbon than the average Indian does. So I decided to change myself .

Well well by the way how can I change my habits. Ok start from simple things. Changed all the incandescent lights with cfls. I even used it for the one which lighted the front corner of the house, but in no time I have to find another bulb as its gone. Then I decided to cut off the lights which mom use to illuminate the house from the exterior. It was a big blow to my feng shui as it says that one should not leave any dark corners in your house. But I let my belief to go. But it helped me in recycling. Always keep the house clean replace all the faulty things and become more functional. That really worked, that’s what I thought.

I started reading the labels when ever I go shopping. And I tried to avoid aerosol sprays, but most of them says that they don’t use cfc to fill it up , I was a bit confused and took the decision not to use them at all.

But I realized that my house does not contribute that much than I do with my choices. I like to drive the car to go to any place. I feel ashamed as the elderly were walking early morning to go to temple and in return trip they do the daily purchases , I would never do that. I forget when I last took a bus in my town.

 I think that I doesn’t spend much on clothing and accessories. Really. I do make purchases when ever I feel like I need to change my wardrobe. if not in my town I would travel at least 300 kms to do just that, shopping.

so how bad can it get. How much I contribute without even knowing just because of this. Does it get compensated if I think that I will give my older ones in charity???

 How often I go out to eat, when I can straight away change that when I am trying hard to reduce my dimensions myself. Do I really want to change that?? 

We often go it temples far off just for the fulfillment of our religious mind, when we can do donations and poojas and offering online and by post. Do we ever get to get rid of that habit. Think how much more they might be contributing to fulfill our poojas. 

With it comes the fuel consumption,  needless to say how do it contribute to the emissions. We have the public transport but will I ever get into that??

 I have turned to be a vegetarian.  Has it done any good to my health. How much transport cost is included in a single meal of mine. Cant I grow my own vegetables??

 How much my garden contribute, ok lets leave it as its natural.

 How often I Google.  Cant I stick to balckle for a while as it claims its takes less to power a black screen.

 Well well if you ask about the economies of it I have to keep shut and keep all these in my widest dreams. So even if I am sticking to the basic minimal things I can do to soften the emissions its good.

 it's amazing how much difference a couple of minor changes will make.  But even writing this I didn’t want o write about the other choices with which I lead my life. 

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