Monday, June 29, 2009

My eyes despised the very view of your eyes
Even with that I pleased to have something
Special were those moments that touched me

So rude were the feeling I had for that instant

Deep drawn desire ended in a tasteless scent

Delighted were those, who got in its senses

My proud heart fell for those pains of sin

Yet to be sensed all that in with his eyes

Any feast that could happen to, is desired

My helpless heart strikes hard to serve you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

all alone


Deep down the empty lanes I used to walk
The green grass the dry leaves and the air
The birds hopped around to the pleasure
The deep blue sky shine with the rays
The moving clouds that are calm and quiet
All has life but could not measure the thoughts
All I could hear in the idleness of my tears
Is my heart, which is desires for a surprise
As the rose choked in the grass and the buddy
Twigs that raise to get the ray of light to fall
I desired and screamed to get the attention
But my voice were lost in the silence of my heart
As the flow of music to an unlistening street

Friday, June 19, 2009

cross my mind

yesterday too i met one old class met , as usual i didnt had anyting to ask, but well thats not the case with every class met or school mates . but the usual wide smile and hi and bye. she herself was in a hurry , i really thanked GOD. only in these few occations i rem GOD , while outside.
i keep a different persona while going out, very frigid in my attitude, has to get over it .i can be as superficial at times. very bad me. no one ever touched my mind. i have to think . i am too colourful for my age that becomes a problem while meeting old school mates.
will see what happens.

All over again

Oh my gosh , not again, how many times i start a blog and leave it half way, i dont have anything to write. i am too much back to my shell so that no one can pich my tacitunity. i dont know how to get rid of it all over again. i am still trying. how many a times shall i pinch. its reallu began to hurt. not much to write i am waiting to have a topic of course other than myself.